JTB Ministries -  'Excellence on Purpose'
Tammy Brown is one of the upcoming premiere worship leaders that God is using in a tremendous way. She believes that the Body of Christ is eager for a true encounter of God’s presence and it must go beyond Sunday morning service.  This call from God has allowed Tammy the opportunity to train and teach other leaders the importance of a personal consistent daily worship relationship.
Tammy has a versatile background of over 20 years within the worship arts arena. Not only is she knowledgeable in the music sector she is also competent in the arts industry. Dedicated to the ministry of worship arts she believes that this unique venue of ministry allows audiences to experience Christ in a way that conventional church formats will not always provide. “Worship coupled with the arts results in an unforgettable encounter of God’s majestic glory, excellence and splendor that transform the lives of all who engage”.
She has written, directed and produced numerous stage productions most recently, Not as Yea Suppose, "Born to Set me Free", "Worship His Majesty", "Guilty or Not", "Celebrate" and "Christmas with the Kors". She was a part of the promotional campaign of Walt Disney's Broadway Musical "The Lion King" also she has worked with the Dallas Black Dance Theater.  In addition, she has sung background for artist, most recently Steve Lawrence, Dalon Collins from Kirk Franklin’s the family, Minister Fred Williams, Bishop Bobby Hilton, Prophetess Brenda Todd, Ricky Womack Jr. and Vickie Winans just to name a few.
Tammy strives to promote understanding of the worship arts through educational workshops, mentoring, and creating unique performance opportunities.  She has been instrumental in the establishment of the "Destiny Center" conservatory of fine arts in Arlington, Texas.  She embraces her purpose to enrich lives, and edify others on the purpose and power of worship. In addition, she is active in her local community and serves as board member to several organizations.
Tammy's greatest reward is serving her husband and family.