JTB Ministries -  'Excellence on Purpose'
Our Services
(All services are customizable based on specific client request)
Leadership Workshops
  • Serving your Pastor
  • The Importance of Prayer
  • A Servant's Heart
  • Becoming an Effective Leader
  • The Risk of Pride
  • Imparting Vision
  • The Power of Words
  • Continual Communication
  • Handling Conflict
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Importance of Training Others
Music Workshops
  • Performance vs. Ministry
  • Praise and Worship Fundamentals
  • Surrender the Gift
  • Practice makes Perfect
  • Examining Lyrics
  • Music Variety
  • Keeping Your Sound Fresh
  • The Blessing in Following
Church Strategy and Development Planning
  • Building from the Ground Up
  • A Firm Foundation
  • Encouragement and it's Power
  • Setting Goals
  • The Power of Words
Department Structure and Organization
  • Team Guidelines
  • Team Qualification
  • Art of Mentorship
  • Discipline and Confrontation
  • Forming a team
  • Recruiting and Keeping People
  • How to develop a solid music repertoire
Recording and Stage Production Consultation
-Please contact us for additional details.
Client Feedback
“What can be said about the mentorship of the Brown’s  They have a unique ability and God given talent to pull the best out of all that are around them. Their straight talk, leadership ability, keen eye and passion for the arts makes them experts in identifying raw talent and bringing it to the forefront. I would advise to anyone to not pass up an opportunity to share in the “Brown’s” experience."
 ~ B.West (Actor, writer, vocalist)
JTB ministries actually produce results.  My daughter has been enrolled in the arts program now for several years and the integrity of the company is remarkable.  For anyone looking for a professional result driven company, they won't be disappointed!”
~ D.Williams (Minister,vocalist)
"JTB Ministries is an awesome company! Their mentorship and leadership program exceeded all my expectations.”
~ P.Lewis (Vocal Artist/Coach)
"The staff at JTB ministries has been a  joy to work with. My company has experienced nothing short of excellent since establishing a working relationship with them. They have exceeded my level of expectation far beyond what I truly thought possible.”
~ S.Love (Business Owner)
“I enrolled  a couple of years ago.  I must say that this company is one of excellence and professionalism. It met the need and are a cutting edge industry. I am glad to be a part of such "Greatness”.
~ B.Hayes (Business Owner, Actor)