JTB Ministries -  'Excellence on Purpose'

James L. Brown is an authentic, genuine, kingdom man desiring the heart of God. His sincerity and desire to please God sets him apart from the multitude.  His ability to create and build music ministries that evoke the atmosphere of kingdom worship makes him a sought after commodity.
He understands the significance and power of music, its capacity to bring all people together, it’s unique intention to restore, give beauty for ashes, and to offer a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.
This native of Akron Ohio came from humble beginnings. At the early age of 8, He began to have an inquisitive aspiration to be trained in music, unable to take private lessons led to his personal journey of self-instruction. As his passion grew he turned his attention to the organ and the piano. At 15, he accepted the call of God on his life as a Minister of Music. James submitted his gift to the ministry of the great Walter E. L. Scrutchings who mentored him. By 1988, he was fortunate to have two Billboard hits on  "Akron City Family Mass Choir" recordings. "Trust in the Lord" 1985 and “You must have faith in God" 1987.
As James grew in the purpose that God had for him he began to mature and develop into a modern day David. Known for his tangible anointing and the demand for kingdom excellence, prepared the way for him to serve under Pastor Mark (Tony) Ward, Bishop Noel Jones, and Pastor Norman Hutchin, to name a few.  God has allowed him the awesome opportunity to establish the kingdom in the realm of arts and entertainment with some of the greatest psalmists today some artists include: Daryl Coley, The Clark Sisters, City of Refuge Choir, Carolyn Traylor and The Akron Gospel Meets Symphony organization whose mission is to bridge multicultural communities utilizing the arts.
His most recent accomplishments include his  2009 Songwriter's circle award and his appearance at the Gospel Fest at Six Flags, featuring Kirk Franklin and Smokie Norfolk, he also performed at the Gospel Music Workshop of America with Ricky Womack Jr. In addition he served on the worship team during the Dallas National Baptist Convention. He has written original songs for stage plays most recently "Worship His Majesty".
Branded for his incomparable ability to bring order and leave an unforgettable kingdom deposit James mentors musicians, vocalists and less than established music ministries resulting in thriving music ministries that institute God’s principles pertaining to praise and worship. He is currently serving as Minister of Worship at St. John Baptist Church and pursuing a Master of Music Production credential at the Berklee School of Music.